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Everything You Need to Learn About Leg Fetishes

Everything You Need to Learn About Leg Fetishes

A base fetish is a intimate desire for foot. Put differently, foot, feet, and ankles turn you in.

This preference that is particular legs can differ from one individual to another.

Many people are fired up simply by taking a look at legs. Other people might find painted finger finger nails, precious precious precious jewelry, or any other adornments appealing.

Still others have intimate satisfaction in base remedies, such as for example massaging or worshiping foot.

A base fetish is regarded as a conventional sexual kink. That is, it is additionally talked about and understood than several other forms of fetishes.

One research unearthed that almost 1 / 2 of individuals surveyed stated a foot was had by them fetish, or podophilia.

Feet are seen as the most body that is fetishized, besides vaginal body parts.

Exactly like with clothing choices or music designs, sexual kinks differ.

Everybody is drawn to — and sometimes even repelled by — things others may consider mundane.

Therefore, it is unclear exactly what it really is about feet that’s appealing, however several theories have been agreed to explain why many people are only attracted to foot and base play.


The feet are covered with neurological endings, and neurological endings equal greater, usually more intense, feelings.

Tickling, rubbing, and massaging may all feel greatly better on legs.

Humiliation aspect

One emotional section of a base fetish is humiliation. Feet in many cases are considered “below” people. That is, many people think about foot as being a body part that is lowly.

That sets up a dynamic some people find appealing: They choose to feel “lower” than their partner.Read more →